Mural Audio Tour: 

Dial 307-200-0040 then hit the number below, followed by the pound sign (#) to hear the mural artists talk about their work.

3# Tierra y Libertad (Land and Liberty) at 119 S. First Street by Talal Cockar. 2011.


4# Grainery Grove by Meghan Meier at 111 E. Ivinson Ave. 2011 - 2013.



5# Prairie Dog Town by Jeff Hubbell and Lindsay Olson behind the Curiosity Shoppe, the Herb House and Atmosphere Mountain Works in the alley between First and Second streets. 2013.


6# Escape by Meghan Meier at Undercover Beds & Spas, Second and Garfield. 2012.

7# Hollyhock Haven by Travis Ivey at the City of Laramie parking lot at Second and Custer. 2011.

8# Book Shelf by Dan Toro behind the Laramie Vision Clinic at 408 S. Second Street. 2013. - Note: this mural was destroyed in a fire, May 2014.

9# Growth by Dan Toro at Source Gas, 416 S. Third Street. 2012.

10# Crossing Sherman Hill by Travis Ivey at Modern Printing on Kearney between Third and Second. 2013.

11# We Built the Dream by Talal Cockar is at 606 S. 2nd Street (south side of NAPA Auto Parts). Completed in May 2014.

12#-20# Gill Street, the collaborative fish mural can be seen from the parking lot behind Coal Creek Coffee and Alititude's Chophouse at First and Grand and First and Garfield, or from the historic Garfield Street Footbridge. It was dedicated on June 13, 2014.        

12# Colleen Friday
13# Jeff Hubbell
14# Travis Ivey
15# Evan Levi
16# Chelsea Lowry
17# Meghan Meier
18# Lindsay Olson
19# Dan Toro
20# Adrienne Vetter

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55# Many Hands by Meghan Meier is at 108 Grand Avenue, and was completed in 2015.